Aki N.


Ultrasound of baby Theo at 19 weeks Ultrasound of baby Theo at 19 weeks


When I first called LivingWell, I did not know what to do. I just found out about my pregnancy and learned that the father of the baby would not get married with me to raise the baby together. I do not have my immediate family nor relatives in the U.S. and I am a student.


Sydney, a manager at LivingWell answered a call and scheduled an appointment with me immediately. The first visit at the LivingWell felt very warm and welcoming. Sydney took time to listen to my story and provided me comfort with support I needed at that time. She also informed me different options for unplanned pregnancy along with services provided at LivingWell.


I thought of all the options: abortion, adoption, and being a single mother. I once thought of aborting my baby as I was physically and emotionally drained and wanted to be free from the suffering. I felt like I was in the bottom of my life and was helpless.


It was a follow up email from Sydney that saved me and my baby from getting abortion. As soon as they learned that I was considering abortion, they called me in the office the next day. I met Geeta, a director of LivingWell and Sydney. They were again very warm and supportive. I was able to feel that I am not alone and they really care about me and my baby. Although I only knew them in short amount of time, I could feel that I can trust them and felt their generosity and genuine sincerity. After the second meeting at LivingWell, I eliminated the option for abortion.


Although it was not an easy path due to my current circumstances, I have decided to raise my baby by myself after considering adoption option. There was a confrontation with my parents in my native country due to the cultural difference toward being an unmarried single mother. But now, my parents accept both me and my baby and they are looking forward to see their grandchild.


LivingWell have continued to show their care and support even after I decided to be a single mom by sending follow-up emails, offering free parenting classes and information.


I contacted several other support groups for my unplanned pregnancy and I can say that LivingWell is true rescuers who show consistent compassionate manner and unconditional love.



Aki Noguchi baby1 (Theo)

 Baby Theo


You may feel lonely and hopeless time to time, but please do not give up and know that you are not alone. I can guarantee that LivingWell will be there for you. There are still many things I have to overcome, but I have confidence that there will be a path and support. I am grateful to have my baby and looking forward to have the rest of my life journey with my child. Thank you LivingWell!


Aki N.

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