Ana P.

Lily (12-18-14)

Ana and babyI was very nervous walking into LivingWell. As a single woman, I was not sure what to expect. I walked in with doubts, yet with all my courage and holding my breath I walked in. I was greeted by Julie, with a warm, sincere smile. I didn’t feel any judgment being in LivingWell.

I felt like I could be myself-even my scared and nervous self. As it turned out, I was 7-8 weeks pregnant. I did not know how I felt about it and Julie was very comforting in a professional way. She calmly asked me questions to help guide me in a direction. I was glad that she and LivingWell aren’t biased in any way.

I felt comfortable talking about my options of whether keeping my baby or aborting. I was afraid to even talk about abortion, but I just wanted more information as the father was abusive and didn’t know whether I wanted to raise a baby with him or by myself. After many visits and much to think about, I decided to keep my baby. This was an emotional roller coaster and Julie, along with the staff at LivingWell, helped me greatly in a life-changing experience. Lily was born on December 18th. She was 7lbs and 20in tall. Motherhood is everything I could ever dream of and more.
Thank you so much!
Ana P. (and Lily)