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Charlotte and Jariel

Charlotte and Jariel


When I first saw Charlotte, I noticed how frightened she appeared so I attempted to make her feel as comfortable as possible. As we spoke in the counseling room, she had expressed all of her fears and the personal goals she had set for her life. How could she possibly achieve any of them if she were pregnant? She truly felt that abortion was the only solution to her problem. I attempted to alleviate her concerns by expressing ways that we could help her and most of all, God’s love for her. As I returned to the counseling room with the test results, I prayed silently for God’s direction. She broke down upon learning that her test was positive. All I could do was hold her as she wept. She calmed down, and I reaffirmed our love for her and that she would not have to face this crisis alone. She left the clinic undecided.


I received a phone call a few days later. Charlotte said that she had decided to abort the baby and would need a verification from MediCal. We scheduled another counseling appointment. There we spoke again about her options and reaffirmed our love for her no matter what decision she made. She called two days later, stating how much better she felt. I was saddened because I was sure she had aborted. Charlotte explained that she had actually been on the operating table in the abortion clinic, when the doctor discovered she was much further along in her pregnancy than first estimated. The abortion personnel performed an ultrasound and Charlotte saw her baby. She realized that there was absolutely no way that she could abort this baby.


She went home and as she and her mother went to church the next day, the Lord gave her the strength to tell her mother she was pregnant. Her mother reacted with love and understanding. She expressed how she would help her daughter raise her child and accomplish every one of her goals and dreams.


Charlotte gave birth to a beautiful 7 pound baby on October 11. She named him Jariel, which means, “The mercy of God.” Charlotte knows because of God’s mercy that He will take care of every one of their needs, and that He will also continue to bring them closer together as a new family unit.


I praise God for the ministry of LivingWell and their desire to serve the women who are so lost and alone. LivingWell truly uses the love of Jesus Christ to bring hope and healing to those who are in crisis.


Rose Gibson, LivingWell volunteer counselor
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