Mia S.

mia scoggins

Children are a true blessing from God; my experience at LivingWell taught me to forgive myself and love my baby dearly! Finding this center was a warm haven for me to resort to, find shelter from the many fears that were harboring inside of me, and a spiritual journey to lean on God.


Now, as I look back over the experience of having my child, I can truly say that I made it through! I can strongly say that Karen helped me to find strength to move ahead. She allowed me to feel comfortable and confident that I wasn’t the worse person in the world and that the child that I was carrying was beautiful and wonderfully made. Yes, I felt bad about myself, having to drop out of school and embark upon a path that I knew nothing of, but Karen encouraged me to put my trust in an all loving God who loved me as his child; this was so comforting. She also helped me to love me, although, much of the time I felt so unworthy and just out there by myself. I felt unworthy. Because I loved to write, she encouraged me to keep daily journals: this became a comforting to me and my baby.


Today, I feel blessed and love Malaki so much! He’s my joy and my life! In spite of everything, I had many people pulling for me. My parents and my close friends have been there for me. My parents have had to give me many doses of “Tough Love” most of which I’ve disliked and felt that they were against me and were trying to take over my life and my baby. Now, I’ve begun to realize that they truly loved me and wanted to see me as a success and to make me have “strong wings” so that I could think on my own and make mature decisions. I know I have grown tremendously.


After having Malaki, my parents pushed me back into the work force and insisted that I would have to go back to school, if I stayed in their “house.” I finally made up my mind to swallow my pride and try to make a life for me and my son. I completed my course work at Bryman college as a Medical Assistant and upon completing my studies, I became a front and back office assistant at a medical office. Most recently I was promoted as leading nurse assistant to Dr. Merser, Internal Medicine, Talbert Medical Group of Long Beach. I realize now that God’s way is the right way.



The path of darkness has too many tough consequences! I know that my accomplishments couldn’t have been made without the Grace of God holding me in his arms! I am very busy with my son, making sure that he’s being nurtured and given most of my time; as well as taking him to church and finding good supportive groups for myself, at Zoe Christian Fellowship of Whittier. I am very involved, as well as my parents, in Mali’s pre-school. He’s very bright and very socially adapted and loves to stay with his Grammy and Poppy. I’m very blessed to say that I have a home for myself and Malaki! We live in Inglewood, CA where I pay my own rent and bills, so I love to think that I’ve become quite responsible and self-sufficient. My parents feel that I’ve become quite the business young woman and the kind of mother they have grown to be very proud of.


Thank-you LivingWell for being there for me! You brought me into your hearts a helped me to be strong and be able to carry my baby to term and have a wonderful, healthy, bright young son! God is good all the time: all the time God is Good!!!!


Mia S.
October 30, 2006
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