Get Your Church Involved

No matter the size of your church, LivingWell is a valuable extension ministry. We partner with churches, providing an expertise in pregnancy related issues that most churches greatly need and appreciate for their members.

Top 5Ways We Can Help Your Church:


1. For a woman in your congregation facing an unplanned pregnancy, LivingWell comes alongside her and supports her throughout the pregnancy with compassion, information, and resources. Pastors, bible study leaders and church members often request our help for a woman in this challenging circumstance.
2. LivingWell also provides a safe support system for women struggling from abortions in their past. Our After- Abortion Recovery Group is confidential, nonjudgmental and a way for women to find the healing they need. While they may feel uncomfortable sharing this with a friend at church, knowing they can privately find help at LivingWell may be the difference between seeking healing or suffering alone. We’ll provide materials for the church to display.

3. Church leaders and members equally benefit from the trainings we offer. From abstinence to abortion recovery, we equip your church regarding many of the issues surrounding the sanctity of life and healthy relationships. We train adult and youth groups.


4. Sanctity of Life is the 3rd Sunday every January. This crucial Sunday is dedicated to valuing the sacredness of life, no matter the stage of development. LivingWell will send a representative to your church, provide a video and printed materials or equip you how to make your service very memorable and meaningful on this life honoring Sunday.


5. We provide ministry opportunities for those in your church that want to make a difference in the community and promote the value of life. We have lots of volunteer opportunities and events that your church members can attend.


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