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Abortion Information

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Under what circumstances would you consider abortion as an option?
 Never an option Known birth defects If a woman feels that is her best option In cases of rape Incest In cases of extreme psychological stress Other

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I would like to do the following:
 Baby Boutique Counseling Various Clerical and Administrative work Bulk Mailings Host a Baby Bottle Drive Host a Life Party Maintenance Fundraising Events Prayer Team Providing materials by donating or recruiting donations Graphic Art Copywriting Photography Social Media Marketing Walk for Life (WFL) Coach Cleaning

I would like to provide professional services:
 MD, PA, NP Nurse, Ultrasound tech Clergy Attorney

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Clinic Hours Are: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs: 9am-4pm, Fri 9:30am-12:30 pm, and Sat 9:30am-12:30pm (by appointment only)
Please list the time frames you are available to volunteer. We require at least 4 hour time slots per each volunteer visit (ie 12pm-4 pm or 10am-2 pm). If there are no appointments for Saturday, you will not be asked to come in.

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