Yvonne P.


“LivingWell was the first step towards a successful pregnancy for me. Not having insurance I felt lost. LivingWell welcomed me and gave me the tools and guidance I needed to start my journey as a young mother. [Their] professional doctors and friendly staff made me feel confident that I had taken the right, first steps towards becoming a mother. With fast, friendly, and courteous appointments, LivingWell made it convenient for me to schedule days that worked for my busy life.


Since this was my first pregnancy I was not sure where to turn, and then I was referred to LivingWell non-profit clinic. With services that fit my budget, I highly recommend LivingWell to all mothers-to-be. Thank you for guiding me into the right direction towards a healthy/successful pregnancy, for me and my baby.”


Yvonne P.

Jan 2012


Yvonne and Malina 2015






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